2012/0302/Big show 날개(Daesung ver.) (by yujacha)

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[120302] TaeYang fancam - Fantastic baby @ Big Show 2012

cr: urthesun

this is the first fancam i watched from the show.

this was the performance i’m most looking forward to from the alive album. OMGGGGGGGG TAEYANNNNGGGGGGGG ILUUUUUUUUUUU

BB looked liked they had so much fun together. and wow. wow. wow!!!!!! super spazzing fangirling screammmmmmmmm gonnna cryy WOW FANTASTIC BABY!!

BB YOU RULE!!!!!!! <333


  • Aliens frozen in space,then sent to Earth
  • In frozen cubes, Alive (Intro)
  • Tonight (in Metallic clothes; No guitar smashing for GD)
  • Hands Up
  • Ment/Talk (Tae took off his jacket + Adlibs with the Band)
  • Fantastic Baby (Squatters dance? and legs kicking out, Freestyle then BOOM SHAKA LAKA) 
  • GDTOPYB - How Gee (Instrumental Remix; GD&TOP - Segways & YB - Bike)
  • Stupid Liar (Stage Rises Up; all members took off their jackets except TOP)
  • Maknaes+YB - Talk (VI random dance + DS dances to SISTAR’s Ma Boy)
  • GD&TOP - Knock Out (GD wearing his prince hat from ‘Alive’ concept photos. Tabi has a pimp stick)
  • GD&TOP - Oh Yeah + Beatbox (fire on stage, PARK BOM did not appear)
  • GD&TOP - HIGH HIGH (conveyor belt on stage + Huge Korean Flag on ending)
  • Seungri - Strong Baby (entered with a sniper/green laser pointer on hand pointing to the crowd)
  • Seungri - What Can I Do (Shuffle Ver)
  • Gara Gara Go!
  • Number 1 (YB took off his shirt? has a tattoo on his right ribs?)
  • Ment/Talk (GRI hugged, T.O.P’s hair looks tasty)
  • Cafe (standing mics like Wonder Girls’ Nobody/GRI harmonizing)
  • Bad Boy (Sexy Choreo, outlining women’s body, sound turns reggae)
  • (The concert has a story line, BIGBANG saving the planet)
  • Blue (Dance Ver; Maknaes on Lower stage, T.O.P coming from the back, lots of hand movements in the choreo)
  • Ain’t No Fun (with Girl Dancers, Tae is rapping?)
  • Love Dust (lots of jumping, Seungri wearing a Mickey Top)
  • Love Song
  • ~BREAK~ (Video of Dragon breathing fire; Storyline: BB is about to defrost?)
  • Taeyang - Only Look At Me (Rearrangement Ver; wearing a “BE REAL” shirt)
  • Taeyang - Wedding Dress (Huge Tattoo on his ribs identified as a ‘cross’)
  • Taeyang - Where U At (Dubstep Ver; he tears his shirt)
  • Daesung - Wings (on a pedestal at 2nd level like a rock & roll angel, he flew)
  • Haru Haru (Acoustic Ver; in white suits sitting on a chair, fans singing~)
  • Ment/Talk (GD says he is in a good condition, T.O.P isn’t)
  • Lies (Fanchants + Singing along)
  • Last Farewell (no more jump rope-changed choreo; Tae threw his shirt)
  • ~ENCORE~ (‘Saranghae’ fanchant)
  • Sunset Glow
  • My Heaven (SUNDAE went into the crowd, DS threw his shirt, GD’s shirt was being pulled up + new tattoo on left ribs, fanservice galore)

The concert lasted from 7pm-10pm

[Contrary to the rumors going around about a 49DAYS Parody, THERE WASN’T ANY PARODY VIDEO SHOWN AT THE CONCERT]

*NOTE: If the bullet point doesn’t have a specific member name written…it means BIGBANG as a whole is involved it. Bolded words are the song titles~

Very special thanks to my sources: halohalokitty,BBVIPforum &!

omg….youngbae has A REAL TATTOO……..


TaeYang at Big Show 2012 [120302]

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you are….ilu

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