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I remember he once mentioned how important it is to keep a distance between fans and performers. So when you finally get to touch that person that is so distant and difficult to approach it becomes even more special. I couldn’t find this quote but I think it would fit this picture perfectly. Source: omokm

“The reason why I think the distances between fans and us is really important is because when I was young, I was very glad that my favorite artist touched me on the stage. I think I will never forget that feeling in my life, so I want to make my fans feel the same as much as possible.”

The Story Of A Perfect Namja

#happyTOPday! :D 

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26 Reasons Why We Love Our Birthday Boy
∟ #2 He’s a great lyricist

Sure, he may not be as acclaimed of a composer as GD but Tabi can hold up his own. While GD’s writing is straightforward and gives you a story, TOP’s lyrics are more poetic leading you to imagine what he wants to convey. I particularly like “Act Like Nothing’s Wrong” which TOP wrote and co-composed with Kush.

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thank you for making awesome music and performances!!
<3 VIP
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